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Thank you for stopping to peruse the gallery! This is my favorite spot because its a great place to see art and designs that we may not make anymore, are in the process of being revamped, or are just personal art pieces we want to share with you that aren't necessarily for sale. 


My faeries have been a labor of love for many years, and have gone through several transformations and materials. This process now starts with an original sculpture of a faerie body blank, which is then moulded and casted using our recycled water-bottle technique. We are then able to dress them, wig them and paint them so that no two are exact. We are now using real insect wings! New designs are coming soon.


The Unicorn Skull has been my personal work in progress for about 5 years. She is ever changing and improving. I made the original out of papermache' as an attempt to make a neat mask, but I went life-sized and while it looked weird on my head, it looked amazing on a wall like a mounted treasure. While it stung every core of my soul, I cut it up into several pieces and made moulds out of each one so I could accomplish two things. The bone-peice look and be able to control the casting process in smaller batches to cut down on emission. I've only made one reproduction of this giant lady, and when I was done, I counted 20 water bottles used as filler, that includes the caps and their labels. I am very proud of this project. I hope to revisit her this summer and improve her moulds and be able to replicate for others and hopefully use more water-bottles. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED lol. I'll add the new process to the blog when it starts up.

Dust Bunnies

When I was a little kid, my first dream was to make toys! While the stars never aligned exactly for me to pursue that dream, I still try to sculpt and focus on making little guys like my dust bunnies as often as possible. I've been able to make a few different moulds here, with a lot of trial and error with these little bun buns. Inspired by tarantulas and cyclops' lol. Their bases are wooden, but their bodies and faces were made with recycled plastic and resin, then hand-painted and dressed in real, dyed alpaca fur.

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