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Pittsburgh Freaky Fair Spring 2019!!!!!

I Just have to start this off by saying how excited and proud I was to be accepted as a vendor for this event. Tara, the organizer is so awesome and organized. I think other vendors like me are always grateful for her creating this type of event for us to be able to sell our wares and also be able to come together in freaky solidarity lol.

That being said, WHAT A TIME!! So many amazing makers and as always our patrons are just so fabulous and I am thankful for everyone who purchased our items, gave feedback and even to the adorable young people who just wanted to play with Eggy, our bald rat and give us hugs.

For everyone who gave us their emails, I will be inputting you into the system soon, and the giveaway will be announced ASAP! I keep tweaking the basket lol

Enjoy the video Freaky Fair created, Camille and I are in there!!! <3 As always, thank you again XOXOXO

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