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Dead Things?

We want the squeamish and adventurous alike to find something in our store. Many of our products do have real, organic remains in them. We work very hard to make sure all of our real pieces are ethically sourced, and that all of our reproductions are made with as much recycled material and processing as possible. 


Valencia Project

The Valencia Project: Was started as a Shield Wall to protect a little shield maiden who was being bullied. It has since become a symbol of our community's commitment to help, love, and protect one another

Remains to be seen donates 50% of all Mjolnir profits to this project, and will have a jar out for donations as well at all future events to help stop bullying and supporting Pagan and Veteran Families.

Cream Minimalist International Volunteer Day Facebook Post With Hand Holding Heart Illustr

Why Single-Use Plastic?

When I started making reproductions of my sculptures and animal bones, I was irked by all the new plastic I was introducing to the world. After a  lot of experimenting and research, I found a way to use old plastic as filler for my new products.  It made less of an impact on the environment, while also taking something toxic and giving it purpose again. 

Trash on Beach

How we do it

by using layers of shredded, single-use plastics and resin, we are able to use recycling as part of our creations.

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